Thursday, October 21, 2010

Silence and Update

One of the more difficult things with regard to blogging is blogging. Now in terms of biblioblogging, this might be a bit more difficult to do just because of the nature of blogging and biblical/theological studies: random topics might not generate much interest by readers. Typically, blogs follow what their authors are doing in school: what they are currently reading or writing, or something about the place they have moved to study. But what if you are not in school? What do you talk about? If you are not in school, you cannot talk about the latest lecture. You cannot talk about books are you assigned to read. There are no papers you are assigned to grade or look over. This makes for slow blogging. So, for those of you interested, that is where I have been.

I've been making my way through Fretheim's Exodus commentary and Cole's Exodus commentary. I started this Old Testament project with a desire to get acquainted (at a deeper, theological level) with OT themes and theologies, but as I make my way in Exodus, I find the study of the Old Testament much more interesting than previously and can even see myself doing something with regard to pneumatological-liberation in the book of Exodus.

In other news, I along with Daniel Kirk, have been 'geeking out' over the shipment and eminent arrival of Church Dogmatics (CD). As I write this, my package awaits me in Jacksonville to be home tomorrow when I arrive from work (hopefully). Also, with the help of Daniel Kirk and others, in seven years time I will have read the entire CD and, of course, be an expert.

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