About me

It's harder than you think to write something about yourself without sounding pretentious or ill-informed, so I'll keep this as basic as possible.

My name is Alejandro Escalante. I am a recent graduate of Trinity College of Florida ('10) with a degree in Biblical studies. At the time of my matriculation, I considered myself to have some sort of calling to youth ministry, but as time went on and as I learned more, that feeling went on also and now I have more academic interests (namely to teach and publish). I do not regret my time at Trinity because it has shaped me into the person I am today and has been the connecting point between me and a few very good friends.

I started this blog at a point where I was interested with the intersection of theology and worship, but now my interests are ever changing (as they should be) and now I am more interested in pneumatology and liberation theology. However, this blog will serve the interests of theology at work in the worshiping community especially how the Spirit works into this and how liberation theologies work into this. As someone with only undergraduate education in the field of theology, with no original research my own, I will rely heavily on those who have come before me in the church catholic. I love my Protestant heritage just as much as I love my Orthodox or Roman; I am who I am because of these people. However, as someone who has no connection to what it means to be Protestant (I am not protesting anything), to be Orthodox (I am not such) or Roman (while I love, admire and pray for the See, I am not submitted), I can only be as I am. I am not Protestant, I am not Roman and I am not Eastern; yet I am all the same. I belong to the holy, catholic and apostolic church, and with them I look for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.

Theology is a lifework that is life; every statement is somehow theological in nature. I intend this blog to be a source of my life as theology and theology as my life.