Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In the Beginning

A Baylor PhD candidate once asked, who is the biggest name in OT scholarship? He subtitled the post, "(or can anyone beat Brueggemann?)". This was a question I had never thought to ask myself. Currently, my interests lay somewhere outside the realm of biblical studies and more in the realm of New Testament anthropological and sociological influences on theology. As someone who hopes to eventually go on to graduate school (and hopefully do serious postgraduate work), John's question reminded me that although I do not have a desire to do work Old Testament theology or studies but in Christian origins and the like, my knowledge of the Old Testament is wanting. Of course, I knew about John J. Collins, Tremper Longman, Peter Enns and Bruce Waltke, other than their names and where they teach (taught), I was lost.

This series of posts on Genesis and Old Testament theology is going to follow along as I read Brueggemann's Genesis commentary, listen to audio lectures by Gary A. Rendsburg (from the Teaching Company) and various articles and publications here and there.

Thank you.

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